15 on Broadway: Talking Blueshirts – Episode 4

theFHN is back with another 15 on Broadway: Talking Blueshirts episode. In this episode, we put together our New York Rangers roster of all time. Nick and Chris break down the positions and address those we had to just cut off the roster while bantering on some we left off.

We also discuss the hate crime (let’s not sugarcoat it) K’Andre Miller was subjected to during his Zoom Q&A and the embarrassment of the ordeal for the Blueshirts.

Next week we’ll bring you our “obscure” Rangers team and more. Follow 15 on Broadway: Talking Blueshirts on Twitter here and follow along in our Two 4 Roughing Fantasy League E-Playoffs which is currently deep in the conference finals with live broadcasts nightly on our Twitch account here.


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