A Halloween Scare: The Worst NHL Jerseys of Each Team

In light of it being Halloween and the costumes adorned by kids and adults alike, I thought we’d take a look back at some “scary” terrible jerseys from each team.

  • First up – the Anaheim Ducks

Back in ’95-96, then the Mighty Ducks debuted the Wild Wing Jersey which was part of a trend of “edgy” jerseys. This one just wasn’t mighty and fit more of a roller rink style

The Ducks followed up with one of the most boring third jerseys ever made in the era just prior to the dropping of Mighty from the name

The not so “mighty” thirds kickstarted an era of bland jerseys for the Ducks as they departed from Disney
  • Next up, the Arizona Coyotes have had a few winners.

Back in 1998, this eyesore is a beauty for the roller rinks but again is a truly terrible but awesome? jersey.

The Yotes followed it up in 2008 with their puppy dog fox third sprinkled in among some of the most terribly boring regular jerseys the Yotes have worn

10 years after arguably one of the craziest NHL thirds, the Yotes debuted this stinker
  • Our first Original 6 franchise Boston Bruins had one clunker on the list

The Bruins have a rich history of classic jerseys. They took a stark turn like many others in the late ’90s with Pooh Bear

  • Buffalo Sabres are next with truly one of the worst jerseys ever – the Buffalo slug

We haven’t ranked these eyesores but if we did, the Sabres slug jersey would be top 5. Just an awful departure from the Red & Black by reverting to their original colors with a heinous logo – a nightmarish look indeed

The Sabres would follow up the slug travesty with one of the most moronic thirds of all time. Just in case you forgot – this jersey is from B U F F A L O

  • The Calgary Flames have one that is more odd if anything. The mid-late 90’s run added black and a stripe to nowhere running diagonal to the flaming C along with full length shoulder striping.

This next one, personally I don’t mind. It does what an alternate is supposed to do but is just a stark contrast from the jerseys of norm for the Flames – the flaming horse

  • Carolina and Chicago had a few close ones but no real standouts to make the list

Maybe the latest Chicago Blackhawks jersey could have made the list but I digress.

  • Next – the Colorado Avalanche

The Avalanche have a history of awesome jerseys and sure the Reebok ones took a turn (but same can be said for almost every team). They did have a bland third with the Colorado wordmark but nowhere near as bland as Anaheim. With that said, the 2020 Stadium Series jersey was an awful one for the ages.

  • Columbus Blue Jackets found themselves off the list originally but that was because I forgot just how bad the original set up was.
  • And here we are – the Dallas Stars

Dallas has one of the absolute worst third jerseys in NHL history period and they may have just added another to the list. The “Mooterus” was supposed to represent the constellation Taurus but nope it looks more like a uterus if anything. The only other jersey as bad as this is Buffalo’s slug.

Fast forward to 2020 and the Stars debut a “Blackout” third that will rival the horror of the FOX puck. Does this really represent Dallas as they claim? I don’t get it… but it’ll sure make for interesting conversation once it hits the ice and TV screens.

  • Detroit Red Wings are on the clock

The Red Wings should not be on this list at all. Another Original 6 franchise that has a long history of rich classic jersey and arguably the best logo in sports but alas here we are. To date, I have not personally been a huge fan of the Stadium Series jerseys and you can add this one to the list. With all the classics in the Red Wings arsenal this is what they came up with?

  • The Edmonton Oilers took a hard left turn when they introduced the first third jersey in franchise history.

    The jersey itself is “ok” but the logo is just another thing that was wrong with a large amount of late ’90 – early 2000’s jerseys.
  • The Florida Panthers should have never departed from their original setup.

One could put all of their post 2007 jerseys on here for ruining a classic but the truly bad one is the baby blue/blue alternates. It simply makes no sense for this jersey and just added to a trend of teams going with baby blue. In this case however, the jersey just doesn’t add up.

  • The Los Angeles Kings are another franchise that has a long line of rich classic jerseys in the arsenal.

Nothing and I mean nothing however can take away yet another late 90’s monstrosity that was the burger king third. A pure tragedy that the Great One ever had to don this mess.

Then you add the Stadium Series clunkers and they’ve had a few bad ones.

  • The Minnesota Wild don’t really have a terrible jersey outside of just an overall boring one

The green third jersey introduced under Reebok isn’t bad but it’s Anaheim level of bland, same with the franchise.

  • The Montreal Canadiens will likely never find themselves on any list of terrible jerseys or logos period.
  • The Nashville Predators have a mustard stain

One could argue the current Predator jerseys are terrible or that the Winter Classic jersey was a bore (It truly was) but the mustard jersey of 2001 takes the cake.

  • The New Jersey Devils are another franchise that have a history of classic looking jerseys. Even during the stadium games and special event games they’ve come out with hits.
  • The New York Islanders have paraded some bad third jerseys over the years. Sure the Gorton’s Fisherman was a travesty but it was more the logo if anything – the jersey if it was a third it would have been perfect.

They follow up with a cross between hockey and football that is all bad

The final jersey is the “Brooklyn” third which is about as boring and bad as the tenure at the Barclays

  • Yes, New York Rangers you are on the list

The Rangers likely would not get on the list had it not been for 1976. For the first time, the logo debuts on the jersey and it is truly awful. The Ferguson era might have had a Stanley Cup trip in this era but this jersey is definitely not a memorable part of it.

Fast forward to the late 90’s and the Rangers debut one of the most iconic New York sports logo in NYC history but let’s be honest, the jerseys are fairly boring. While the white alternate is classy, the blue looks unfinished with no detailing on the bottom – let’s hope IF the Rangers bring back Lady Liberty they finish what they started.

The Rangers also went out of their way to have one of the biggest let downs in Stadium Series jerseys – the ripoff of their Hartford Wolfpack AHL affiliate jersey for Yankee Stadium

  • The Ottawa Senators find themselves with a few on the list

The first is the major departure from the classic logo (one they are going to now) and the wild swoop stripe across the body

Next is another alternate clunker with a boring wordmark

  • The Philadelphia Flyers like their cross state rival would not be on this list if not for some special event jerseys that are truly terrible

The Flyers Stadium Series jersey is just a boring bland of orange and deep black with no detailing whatsoever. Add in the atrocious helmets worn during the game and this one makes the list. Imagine a game with these and the new Dallas third? YIKES

  • The Pittsburgh Penguins have a long history of some iconic jerseys

Like the Flyers, the Penguins would not be on the list if not for the stadium jersey. This eyesore paired with the awful helmets and the Flyers setup created a truly horrific TV showing. There is just nothing special about the jerseys minus the stark coloring.

  • As we cross the back 9 of this special, we’re going to jump right in with the St. Louis Blues. Many hate the late 90’s jersey but to me the jersey makes sense. Had it not been the drastic departure from jerseys prior, the silly St. Louis wording on the logo, this jersey would have worked.
  • Next up, the San Jose Sharks with just one for the list.

I would add the stealth jersey to the list but it’s more for the fact that it seems unfinished. I hate jerseys with nothing on the bottom for striping or anything to make it pop. The Stadium Series jersey however takes the cake. Notice how so many Stadium Series jersey’s have made the list?

  • Tampa Bay Lightning have had trouble with the third jersey

First up the late 90’s third jersey. This seemed more fitting for WWE or a metal band concert than a hockey jersey.

At least that jersey had detail…these next two are just nonsense. The latest third jersey isn’t even a jersey, it’s a logo slapped on all black with some shadow on the sleeves.

  • The Toronto Maple Leafs are another classic that skate by. Could the 2017 Centennial jersey made the list? Maybe but for now they’re off.
  • Vancouver, Vancouver, Vancouver. Oh the Vancouver Canucks have a doozy here ( a few actually) but nothing and I mean nothing hits like the “V”.

The Flying Skate also has a third that misses every mark possible

  • For the Vegas Golden Knights, we have a wait and see approach to the new third jersey they’ve released. Until then, there isn’t enough to pop one on here yet.
  • The Washington Capitals really don’t have a bad jersey for the list. Maybe the ’18 Stadium Series could make the list but at the very least they added the star details which is a big contrast from other wordmark jerseys.
  • For Winnipeg Jets 2.0 however – we’ve got one and it’s disappointing.

When Winnipeg announced the third jersey there were major hopes for a return of the original Jets logos and jersey style. Instead we got this clunker that I can’t see the connection to the franchise at all.


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