Are the Red Wings Ready to Get Back to Winning?

DETROIT, MI - JUNE 13: A general view as the Detroit Red Wings celebrate winning the Stanley Cup after defeating the Carolina Hurricanes in game five of the NHL Stanley Cup Finals on June 13, 2002 at the Joe Louis Arena in Detroit, Michigan. The Red Wings won 3-1. (Photo by Tom Pidgeon/Getty Images/NHLI)

It is hard to think of the Detroit Red Wings without thinking of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. The franchise has been known as a perennial playoff team due to their league-leading 25 season post-season streak, (1990-91 through 2015-16) as well as their 20 season post-season streak. (1938-39 through 1957-58) However, the current situation for the Winged Wheels is a stark contrast from their winning ways of old. The team has not sniffed the post-season since 2017. With the current playoff drought the question is, under the watchful eye of Yzerman will the Red Wings turn things around and return to the team that Detroit fans know and love?


The team is not ready for a playoff push at the moment as they are not what one would call a good hockey team. It is a tough pill to swallow on the surface, but the future is looking bright. GM Steve Yzerman is on a crusade to rebuild this franchise back up from the mud. The team’s rebuild seems to be a genuine blueprint for how to rebuild. Management has been procuring talent for the past few years and it is yet to be seen if this will pan out. Even through the proverbial mud that has been the last few seasons, the Detroit spirit has shined through. One of the many good omens is that the Red Wings just don’t give up. Regardless of the team’s winning situation, this team battles, and this will be no different next season.

This hunger and never say die attitude will only be compounded by the young talent that is being developed in the organization as well as the deck shuffling that is going on in the roster. To back the offensive flurry that is Dylan Larkin and Tyler Bertuzzi, the team is seeking out talent that can be a consistent helping hand. Jakub Vrana is a new piece that had a brief showing last season. The forward netted 8 goals, 3 assists with a +1. This was all done in 11 games. Numbers like this are what the team needs if it wants to be a winning club.


Vrana, Larkin, and Bertuzzi will all be instrumental in the team’s offensive turnaround because right now it is looking dire. Struggling in the goals department would be putting it lightly as the team ranked 30th overall in goals scored at 125. The team’s goals against fared better at 168 sitting at 20th in the league. The offense is not the only struggle that should be focused on in the next season. Special teams require some improvement seeing as the team ranked 30th in power play and 22nd in the penalty kill.

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There may be some immediate issues with the team but that does not take away from the fact that Detroit is almost out of this rebuild. The possibility of seeing the Wings in the playoffs is slim but there is a reason the games are played. Big things are happening in Detroit. (Just don’t pay attention to what’s going on in Ford Field) This will be another exciting regular season and expect big things for the Winged Warriors.

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