Best Jersey Advertisement Fits For Each NHL Team

 If you have watched any NBA basketball game over the past two seasons, you have probably noticed company logos on the jersey of each team. These advertisements have helped the NBA generate more revenue; and, in turn, each company would get huge recognition from a huge NBA fanbase. We all know that the NHL is not one of the top sports league finance-wise, and there have been speculations over the years that the league will follow in the NBA’s footsteps and put advertisements on their jerseys as well. As much as I hate that idea, I have to wonder, what company would be the best for each National Hockey League team? So, because I was so curious, I decided to go through every NHL team and give them a company that I think best meshes with each organization.

Anaheim Ducks – Disney

I think this is a pretty obvious choice. First of all, Disney used to own the Ducks when they were first established in 1993. Secondly, Disney Land can be found in Anaheim, so it sort of makes sense location-wise as well.

Arizona Coyotes – Warner Bros.

The Coyotes remind me of Wile E Coyote of The Looney Tunes. I know its not that original, but Warner Bros. created The Looney Tunes so what the heck.

Boston Bruins – Dunkin’

You get it, Brew-Ins? Yeah, yeah, don’t make fun; it’s been a long day for me okay? Anyways, not only does this fit because of the pun, but Dunkin’ has been a substantial part of the New England/Boston lifestyle, so why not let them have this coffee and donut chain on their jersey, just like the Providence Bruins (AHL) did a few years back.

Buffalo Sabres – Buffalo Wild Wings

Come on, how can I not give a Buffalo franchise a chicken wing company; and on top of that BUFFALO is in the name.

Calgary Flames – Frank’s Red Hot

Yes, the same Frank’s Red Hot where the commercial shows an elderly lady saying that she puts that (Beep) on everything. I think it’s kind of funny, and the brand really matches up well with the fire type style of the Calgary Flames.

Carolina Hurricanes – Checkers and Rally’s

I know that the Charlotte Checkers are now the affiliate team of the Florida Panthers, but this brand matches up so well with the Hurricanes. They have the same color scheme and the fact that the Checkers were an affiliate with Carolina for the past several years does help the case.

Chicago Blackhawks – Uno Pizzeria

I had a lot of trouble with this one, but I thought that since Chicago is known so well for their deep dish pizza than why not go with the only chain that I know of.

Colorado Avalanche – The North Face

Plain and simple, this is just a winter apparel company. Colorado gets very cold in the winter and if you are going to be in an avalanche, you will probably want the best equipment possible.

Columbus Blue Jackets – Tommy Hilfiger

It’s a jacket company… for the Blue JACKETS.

Dallas Stars – Stetson

Stetson is a famous cowboy hat company, so that should fit well with a team based in Texas.

Detroit Red Wings – Little Caesars

Besides for it being the name of their stadium, the Red Wings have had a close relationship with the big pizza chain. The founder of Little Caesars was the owner of the Detroit Red Wings, and they even have a youth development team over their called the Little Caesars. 

Edmonton Oilers – CanOils

They are the Oilers, so a Canadian oil company fits in the best. As much as I am against huge oil and gas corporations, I couldn’t really find any other good fit.

Florida Panthers – Fancy Feast

What does a cat love more than cat food?

Los Angeles Kings – Burger King

Not only did I partner up these two brands because of the name, but the Kings have actually used a jersey where its primary logo looks a lot like the Burger King mascot.

Minnesota Wild – Bass Pro Shop

The Wild would fit well with a nature brand, and that is why I picked Bass Pro Shop. They don’t just sell fishing equipment, but they also sell all sorts of items that help get you closer to nature.

Montreal Canadiens – Smoke’s Poutinerie

I am not too knowledgeable on what Montreal is known for, but I know Canadiens love poutine. So I just gave the Habs the first poutine chain that I could find.

Nashville Predators – Predator Camo

The Predators would pair well with a hunting company, and you use camouflage for hunting. Also predator is in the name, so its an obvious choice.

New Jersey Devils – Drake’s

Drake’s sells one item that instantly reminds me of this New Jersey based hockey franchise: Devil Dogs.

New York Islanders – Gorton’s

This is the obvious choice for the Islanders. The fisherman on the packages looks exactly like the one on the Isles old jerseys.

New York Rangers – Liberty Mutual Insurance

I think this one is pretty obvious. Liberty Mutual has the Statue of Liberty in their logo and the Rangers have used that landmark on their jerseys.

Ottawa Senators – Canadien Tire

Like the Canadiens, I was struggling to find a good match. However, the Canadien Tire logo can probably go well with the Senators new jerseys, so that would be interesting to see.

Philadelphia Flyers – Philadelphia Cream Cheese

There would not be any other company I would pair with this team. Philadelphia is in the name; and just like the cream cheese, the Flyers play is nice and smooth.

Pittsburgh Penguins – Penguin Books

Penguin Books is a book publishing agency. I chose this company because it was basically the first one that came into my mind that had a penguin in the logo.

San Jose Sharks – Shark Vacuum

Besides for the word shark in the name, San Jose likes to swallow up the competition, pun intended.

Seattle Kraken – Kraken Rum

Yes, I am including the Kraken; and they have an obvious choice. Not only does this rum have kraken in the name, but they are also a sponsor of the Seattle team.

St. Louis Blues – House of Blues

I don’t think I even have to explain this one.

Tampa Bay Lightning – FPL (Florida Power and Light)

What causes electricity, voltage. What has voltage, Lightning. Extra plus for it being a Florida company.

Toronto Maple Leafs – Escuminac

What brand can be a better pair for the Maple Leafs than a Canadian award-winning maple syrup brand.

Vancouver Canucks – Pacific Life

Pacific Life has a lot of similarities to the Vancouver Canucks. They both have a whale in the logo and Vancouver is a city on the Pacific coast.

Vegas Golden Knights – White Castle

Their colors may be different, but the medieval themes of both brands truly shine through.

Washington Capitals – Capital One

What other company can you find with capital in the name. Also, Capital One is a proud partner of the NHL, so this is a perfect fit.

Winnipeg Jets – Air Canada

If your name is the Jets, you need to be paired with an airline company, and the perfect match is Canada’s most notable one.

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