Big Z to DC; The Exclamation Mark at The End of an Uneventful Offseason

So the news many Boston fans were dreading just broke; Zdeno Chara is no longer a Bruin. When he was not immediately resigned many feared the worst and felt it was only a matter of time before he signed somewhere else. Others were hopeful and told themselves that they were just waiting to resign him after they made some other moves and made cap space. Well it looks like the former were correct. Chara had been more than vocal on wishing to return to Boston for a 15th season saying in August, “I want to stay in Boston, I want to be a Boston Bruin and I want to continue to lead by example and share my experiences and my game skills with the younger players and my teammates. That hasn’t changed. I’m committed, so we’ll see what’s going to happen next.”

Bruins management, it turns out, were not as focused on keeping the captain in Boston for another season. According to Chara’s agent it was a long process with much communication between the two parties, but it ultimately led to the team passing on resigning.

I can’t say I am mad about Chara singing with Washington. What I am mad about is Bruins’ management so called focus on younger talent and then doing next to nothing good during this off season. Let’s recap shall we?

We resigned people like Kevin Miller, Jakub Zboril, Matt Grzelcyk, Karson Kuhlman, and Jake Debrusk; which is good. Names like Grzelcyk, Khulman, and Debrusk and important pieces in the Bruins defense and offense. We then signed Craig Smith from Nashville, Callum Booth who was originally signed by Carolina and was playing for the Everblades, and Greg Mckegg from the Rangers and that’s it. None of these names are standouts and one is still playing in the minors.

What really hurts is the loss of Tory Krug and Joakim Nordstrom; as well as the breaking news of Big Z. It’s like Sweeny and Neely are talking a big game, but not acting on it. If they are talking about shaking up the team and investing in the future then why aren’t we seeing more positive moves?It sucks going from a playoff run to having low confidence entering a season. We will have to see what happens. Who knows we can be pleasantly surprised and see that the office knew what they were doing all along.

With Chara leaving that also brings up questions of who becomes captain now? I think the obvious choice is Bergeron. He is a professional among professionals. While people will always have something to negative to say about players like Marchand and even Pastrnac; people have nothing but good things to say about Bergeron. Give him the C and make Marchand and either Pasta or David Krejci.

Good luck to Big Z and the other former Bruins and good luck to us because it looks like we’re gonna need it.

What an odd couple of years it’s been for Boston sport fans


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