Black, Sometimes Brown, and Yellow: The Evolution of the Boston Bruins Uniform Part 1

One of the greatest things about hockey in my opinion is the uniforms. You can do so much with a hockey uniform that you can’t really do with a baseball, basketball, or football uniform. NHL uniforms can feature multiple logos, color schemes, and striping patterns. You can look back over the years and see the different designs teams have used and experimented with. The longer a team has been around, the deeper their history. This can be visually told through their different looks. Being the first U.S. NHL team, the Boston Bruins have a very distinct and varied list of uniforms. So let’s take a step back and look at the uniforms of this Boston dynasty.


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When the Boston Bruins first hit the ice in 1924 this is the uniform that they debuted. I know it seems so different from what we see now, but at the time I’m sure this looked new and unique for hockey fans. The most common team color was red; with three teams at the time sporting the color. There was also the Toronto Maple Leafs who wore green, as they were still the St. Pats, and the Hamilton Tigers who wore black and yellow before the Bruins ever did. This brown probably really stuck out as a distinct color choice. Many logos at the time were just the team name; adding a bear to their logo must’ve helped the Bruins stick out as well. The colors came from original owner Charles Adams and his stores that used the same color scheme. Thankfully the colors worked for a team named the Bruins. With that being said, as a modern hockey fan these uniforms are not that great. They’re not horrible, but we will see much better uniforms and color choices throughout this teams history. The logo is a nice start and is great for what they were able to do at the time. This was a solid start to a rich history of uniforms for the Boston Bruins.


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In 1925, the Bruins changed to a predominately white uniform and would go under slight changes in 1926 and 1931 with striping being further or closer together and adding striping on the socks. To me, this is a step down from the previous uniform, but that’s only because I prefer colored uniforms and there is too many stripes on this thing. If Boston ends up in another Winter Classic or even in a Heritage Classic I can see this being the uniform style that they go with.


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This uniform might look a little familiar for those of you who are fans of the Winter Classic games or current Bruins fans. In 1932, Boston would revise their uniforms yet again. We would see less striping, thankfully, and the bear would be replaced by the block B; sowing the seeds for what would become the long standing Bruins logo. This uniform is better then the previous in my opinion almost solely based on the fact that the striping has been toned down.


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This should look even more familiar to many of you. We take another step closer to our modern day Bruins by swapping brown out for black. This was a smart move as black looks so much better and compliments the yellow better than the brown did. I wonder how the uniform would’ve looked if they kept brown and swapped black for yellow instead? During the 1991-92 season the Bruins would wear this uniform for select games in honor of the 75th anniversary of the NHL.


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Essentially the same uniform as before except the Bruins would swap the position of the B and the numbers. This was another step back for the team to me. With the logo and numbers swapping positions, this ends up looking more like an old football jersey than a hockey jersey. The numbers and letter would even be switched to being predominately yellow at one point of the uniforms lifespan. Thankfully this look wouldn’t last forever.


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Along with the previous uniform, this jersey was thrown in for a few years and is often overlooked in the history of the Bruins and for good reason; it’s very bland. The mainly gold jersey is hard to look at and the script writing on the front is very generic and of the time. You would think they would take the block lettering they were using for the B and write Bruins in that lettering, but nope. There is also a lack of black on this jersey. The only way I’d ever see this jersey making a comeback is if they were to invert the colors.


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Used for one season, the Bruins overhauled their uniform for the 25th anniversary. This is a turning point because we see the introduction of the spoked B. I also like this curved B that they used instead of the block B. I was glad to see it’s incorporation into the 2010 Winter Classic uniform. The striping and coloring is also very close to what we would see in Boston for years to come. The groundwork was laid here for what would become normal for Boston fans.


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In 1948, the Bruins would add this jersey as well. An inverse of the teams previous jersey this would also be very close to what would become standard in Boston for many years. The only missing component is the spokes around the B. This uniform should also look pretty familiar to modern day fans as it was brought back and modified to be the Bruins current third jersey.


The year after the 25th anniversary the Bruins would take the white uniform and redesign the logo to what would essentially be the logo used well into the 2000’s . This look would would also make a stay in Bruins lockers until the ’70’s with minor tweaks throughout the years. We finally get to see a uniform that truly resembles the Bruins that we see today and many elements of this design would be incorporated into todays uniform.


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In 1955 the Bruins would swap the black uniform with the big block B for these two uniforms that would be in rotation on and off for the next two decades along with the previously discussed white uniform. The first uniform is a gold jersey with black shoulders and black and white stripes. This would be the primary home uniform from 1955-1967. The other design is a black jersey with yellow shoulders and yellow and white stripes. The black uniform would be an alternate from 1955-57 and then would be absent from 1957-1959. It would return the following season and stay until 1965 where it would take another leave of absence until 1967 where it would return as the main home uniform until 1974. It would also come back as a third jersey for the 2006-2007 season. Both feature the spoked B logo, but with a yellow B in place of the black B on the white uniform. I prefer having the yellow B on the dark uniforms and the black B on the white uniforms. I like when teams can add subtle differences to their home and away uniforms; like when a team will put their city/state on one jersey and then the team name on another. I wish that Boston would bring this back to the team’s current look. The black jersey would be a large inspiration for the home uniform when the Bruins redesigned their uniforms in 2007.

Next time we will look at the rest of the uniforms that have graced the ice of Boston and TD Garden. If you enjoyed reading this or would like to leave your opinion you can leave a comment below. You can follow us on


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