Fourth Jerseys? We Don’t Even Have Third Jerseys!

On Monday there were leaks of what is being called the reverse retro jerseys for the Pittsburg Penguins and the Philadelphia Flyers. The jerseys were posted by an Ebay seller and many are considering these to be the finalized designs; though nothing has been confirmed. Here is what the designs look like and what they are inspired by.

The Penguins retro reverse jersey and the “Snoop Dogg” jersey it is inspired by.
The Flyers retro reversed jersey inspired by the teams long standing home jerseys

The retro reverse jersey is to be the leagues supposed 4th jersey program to go along with the many 3rd jerseys we already see. It’s no surprise that the league would want to rollout additional jerseys with the season being shortened and the possibility of still not having fans in the arenas. That is a lot of lost revenue. So what does this mean for the Florida Panthers? Since the introduction of our current look we have only had our home and away uniforms. It’s only been four years so there’s really no surprise there. So do the Panthers introduce a third and fourth jersey in one year? I don’t think so, but with this new reverse retro initiative being pushed like it is being reported I think we will see just a throwback look hitting the BB&T Center when the season starts back up. I personally think it’s a little too soon for a throwback uniform and should be kept for our 30th anniversary season, but what can you do? So what can we expect to see. Well it’s hard to say, becuse we have already had a reverse version of our original home uniforms with the blue jerseys the team wore from 1998-2007. So there are really only two options left for us.

Option one would be to take the original home uniform and flip the blue and gold stripes. This is the less optimal jersey to me. The gold being the main secondary color is overwhelming and doesn’t compliment the red as sell as blue does.

The second option is to take the original away uniform and once again swap the striping colors. Making red the main secondary color is the way to go in my opinion. It stands out more, keeps the team’s main color for both the original home and his redesigned away jerseys, and it also keeps with the coloring of our current jerseys with red being the main color on both of those uniforms. I would definitely buy this jersey if the Panthers were to roll it out this season.

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