Do you have a passion for writing or looking to hone in your writing skills and talk about the greatest sport on ice? Are you interested in getting your voice heard by hockey fans around the globe?

We’re looking for members to join our growing TheFHN team as hockey writers, NHL team writers and podcasters.

What we are looking for:

Hockey Writers

  • All open creativity to write on any hockey topic
    • (no specific league or topic requirements)
  • No minimum article lengths, mandated style or quantity o articles
    • General rule is 1 article per month preferred
  • Perfect home for general hockey topics, women’s hockey, college hockey, minor leagues and more

NHL Team Writers

  • Specific to 1 NHL team for “column”
    • Writers can contribute to multiple teams on multiple columns
  • No minimum article lengths, mandated style or quantity of articles
    • General rule is 1 article per month prefferred
    • Creativity is open for any specific team topic (team updates, news & notes, game recaps)


  • Join the weekly or bi-weekly podcast lineup on TheFHN
    • Podcasts are open creativity as far as topics, length and variety
    • Podcasts are required to run on regular rotation during season either weekly or bi-weekly
    • “Hosts” post to Anchor.FM or maintain current streaming platform with additional simulcast on TheFHN main network page

While TheFHN promotes free creativity and flexibility for all content. ALL writers, podcasters and contributors to TheFHN must follow ethical and moral behaviors when contributing to the network. Acts of racism, hate speech, intolerance or other demeaning behaviors meant to cause harm to others will not be tolerated.

What’s in it for me?

As a member of TheFHN, you’ll have access to our network to publish your works whether articles or podcasts that you own solely. TheFHN does not own any of it’s contributors work and does not claim sole ownership on any works posted on TheFHN.

Contributors are free to use TheFHN as an outlet for furthering potential avenues with career incentives and developing skills in journalism whether to aid with schooling or other opportunities.

Updated as of 1/1/20. TheFHN has a compensation plan based on ad/affiliate revenue that is paid out on a monthly basis depending on meeting program criteria for contributors on both podcasts as well as writers.

Interested in learning more?

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