New Shows Starting Tomorrow!

It sure has been a while! TheFHN has been diligently working towards getting new episodes up and running on the network for a couple of months now. in Late February we had planned on a full release of 3 shows that would kick off in March to carry us through the end of the NHL regular season, the Stanley Cup Playoffs and beyond.

Fast forward to last week and the world has just about been turned upside down. With the outbreak of COVID-19 stretching the globe, we’ve lost just about all aspects of professional (and many recreational) sports that give us a much needed escape from everyday life, jobs, politics and more. I would say stress as well but whose kidding…

theFHN could have stayed on the back burner until all this mess clears up but the decision to move forward and get back on track has been made.

Starting tomorrow Tuesday March 17th, we are launching a brand new show for the network: 15 on Broadway: Talking Blueshirts. This podcast will be a short recap of the week that was for the New York Rangers. We’re planning on this being an easy listen (15 minutes hence the name) and we’ll tinker with it for now until we get back to some normalcy in the hockey world.

This Wednesday, Two 4 Roughing will return with episode 13 of the season. Talking quit hits around the hockey world, there will be a toss up of flavor added in to the mix as we navigate through what is going to likely be a long couple of months.

In the future we’ll be adding a third show once all this calms down with the hopes of additional shows to get up the weekly lineup. There are a couple of writers who we will be bringing on as well to add commentary and articles to the website as well.

Until then, enjoy the new episodes and be sure to follow us on twitter!


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