NHL SimBull Report for Thanksgiving Week

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SimBull is a brand new partner with The Faceoff Hockey Network and each week we will be bringing you the SimBull Report. The report provides insight and analysis of NHL teams and what they are trading for.

What is the SimBull Sports Exchange?

SimBull is the stock market for sports that allows you to profit off your sports knowledge. On SimBull, you can trade sports teams like stocks, including the NHL and every time your teams win, you earn cash.

Use your sports knowledge on SimBull to buy low, sell high, and earn cash payouts when your teams win.

The SimBull Report for Thanksgiving Week:

SimNHL 11-24-21

SimNHL finds itself up slightly heading into Thanksgiving overall. The Seattle Kraken lead the way with the biggest gainers for the week so far currently coming in at $32.49 a positive change of +11.56%. On the other side of the card, the Sabres find themselves as the biggest losers for the week coming in at $27.37 which is down -2.19%

YTD – the Sabres who are on the short end of the stick this week have had the highest overall gains for the season with a increase in 10.41%. Meanwhile the Blackhawks who on the ice are currently digging themselves out of a disaster find that they are in the basement here as well with a loss of 11.00% so far on the season.

An important factor when strategically deciding where to invest in teams is your goals. Are they long term? short term? or looking to cash in on winning team payouts? When looking at many of the teams, you can find values in just about every possible option. Teams that are rebuilding on the ice have had a low entry point compared to the rest of the league teams.

The Detroit Red Wings for instance are rebuilding and look to be successfully so on the ice so far this season. A surprise on the ice has created a value buy here with SimBull. Currently trading at $29.10 per share, the Red Wings are one of the best value grabs on the exchange.

Only the Blackhawks ($27.00) Sabres ($27.37) Senators ($28.33) Coyotes ($28.16) are currently trading lower.

The Red Wings have picked up a healthy amount of wins for the team’s status to make them an even better value buy

On the flip side, there are teams that are a higher up front cost per share but provide a healthy return on team win payouts.

The Carolina Hurricanes for instance, fit this bill perfectly. Trading at $45.00 per share and flat for the week, the big ticket on the ‘Canes is wins on the season. One of if not the best team in the NHL, the ‘Canes are racking up wins and are providing a healthy payout to those who currently hold shares.

14 wins so far on the season have provided traders a solid $1.40 for each share they hold

Current SimNHL prices

How do I get started on SimBull?

Join the 8000+ early adopters who have started to invest in their favorite teams. Visit www.SimBull.com to create a free account and when you deposit, make sure to use the promo code “thefhn” for a money back guarantee.

That’s right. SimBull is offering a money back guarantee to all of our listeners. That money back guarantee means even if you lose money in the first 90 days, SimBull will refund your initial deposit, no questions asked.

Visit https://simbull.com and use the promo code “thefhn” and your deposit will have a money back guarantee, up to $500. Join SimBull and start investing and profiting from your favorite teams!

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