Pasta Is Served! The Return of David Pastrnak

The Boston Bruins had a rough start to their season. They looked like a minor league team with rough passing, given pucks, and dismal scoring. That has all changed now and a big reason for that change is partly due to the return of David Pastrnak.

Pasta was out after getting hip surgery during the offseason, but returned in a big way this month. On January 30th the Bruins took on the Washington Capitals and found themselves down 3-1 in the third period. They were able to battle back and send the game into overtime where they would eventually lose. The meeting a couple nights later had a much different story. The Caps opened up the scoring in the first period with a goal that would be wiped off due to an offsides, but then the Capitals followed it up with two more goals making it 2-0 Washington. The Capitals then scored again with a Power Play goal in the second period. It looked like we were gonna see more of the same that we had been seeing from Boston, but then something magical happened.

David Pastrnak got the team back within two with a beautiful one timer goal. Pasta would then score again in the third period and Craig Smith would tie the game up. The team would really come together at this point leading to Brandon Carlo giving the Bs the lead and Brad Marchand sealing the game with an empty net.

From there the Bruins would beat the Flyers with a hat trick from Pastrnak and an overtime winning goal form Captain Patrice Bergeron on February 3rd and again on the 5th beating them 2-1 in regulation. They went from a meager 5-1-2 record to winning all their games since the return of Pastrnak; putting them in first place in the East Division. While there are definitely still some holes in the Bruins play; there is definitely a confidence boost in having Pasta back on the ice. I see this Bruins team continuing to improve as they have and becoming serious contenders for the Stanley Cup.

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