Please Poke The Bear; A Slow Start For Boston

So here we are; just about a week removed from the start of the Boston Bruins 2021 season and let’s say it hasn’t been pretty so far. During the off season many people were upset with how very little Boston did during the offseason and the changes that did happen were to the detriment of the Bruins. Many said we were going to suck this year. I was hesitant to go down that line of thinking due to still retaining quite a few of our big names. After these last few games however, we definitely seem to have lost some of our chemistry. Some of that is due to not having Pastrnak back from hip surgery, part of it is due to losing names like Chara, and some of it is just due to having a young team out there. Out of the four games we’ve played so far we have only won two of them. I know winning half your games so far isn’t bad, but even in the games we won we looked incredibly sloppy; winning only by a goal in both instances. Giving up the puck, not driving to the net, giving the opposition breakaways and odd man rushes, and not taking the scoring chances when they arise are just some of the problems that have plagued this last week or so. I’m not saying we suck by any means, but we are definitely not the Bruins we have seen the past few seasons.

There have been some positives to come from these last few games. While our defense has taken a hit by losing Zdeno Chara; we still do decent job defending in the zone and Rask is still as great as ever. I am surprised we haven’t seen more of Halak given his performance during last years playoffs. The true standout from these games has been Brad Marchand. He has really stepped up his performance and is really out prove himself as a player and leader. We haven’t seen the usual pest on the ice; who by now has taken some kind of needless penalty because intentionally broke someones stick or is trying his best to start a fight. Instead we see a focused hockey player that is dedicated to his team and the sport of hockey. If he continues to improve in this way; I think we will start to make positive headway once Pastrnak returns to the ice with the team.

Only time will tell what happens with this team, but I hope something good happens sooner, rather than later.

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