Pooh Bear or Crack Bear? We May Have Our Answer

Bruins fans have been heavily debating on what should be Bostons new uniform that would be introduced as a part of the NHL’s new reverse retro jersey program. Some were calling for a return of the 1980’s crack bear jersey while others were wishing for a return of the Pooh Bear third jerseys from the ’90’s. I personally thought we would see a white version of the teams current third jersey; which you can see here along with some other concepts we took a look at.

Well, as of yesterday we may have gotten our answer to what we will be seeing this upcoming season. CBS Sports’ Pete Blackburn tweeted a picture with the caption “Here’s the Bruins’ reverse retro jersey leak.”

While not official this does seem to be what we will be getting for our Reverse Retro jersey. So we will be getting the return of the crack bear jersey, but this time in yellow. This was one of our predicted concepts in our article discussing the possibilities and while not a heavy favorite, I am not surprised by it being the teams choice. It’s a safe bet. Many hockey fans outside of Boston found the current third jersey to be boring and bland. This will be something more familiar and nostalgic; harkening back to the days of Ray Bourque and Cam Neely. I do like the design and will definitely be purchasing one if these are what Boston will be going with as their fourth jersey. I think what will make or break this jersey is the rest of the uniform. If they decide to go for a predominately gold uniform it will get a harsh reaction from fans. However, if they balance it with black pants, socks, and helmets it will get a much better reception.

The official announcement is said to come later this month so we will see if this truly is what the Bruins will be wearing this upcoming season and hopefully see a full uniform.

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