Rasmus Ankersen Joins TheFHN to Discuss “The Hockey Miracle in the Middle of Nowhere

Our Two 4 Roughing podcast published a special episode on Friday where Rasmus Ankersen joined to discuss his film: “The Hockey Miracle in the Middle of Nowhere”

The film tells the extraordinary story about Herning, which is a little town in Demark that against all odds produced five players in just nine years to the worlds biggest hockey scene.

I sat down with Rasmus to discuss his background, the town of Herning itself, the film and the key figures behind Herning’s rise in not just Denmark but the international stage in the world of hockey.

You can listen to his interview on the above player or on your favorite podcast app:

The film is available now on Vimeo and coming soon to other platforms including iTunes and Google Play Store.

Who is Rasmus Ankersen?

Rasmus Ankersen is a bestselling author and a trusted advisor to business around the world

Rasmus was born and raised in Herning. Over the last 10 years he has studied the best talent hotbeds in the world. He has written books about it and undertaken lectures all over the world without realizing that the most impressive talent hotbed was right on his doorstep in the small town where he grew up.

This realization led him to return home to Herning to tell this extraordinary story about how this little town against all odds produced five players in just nine years to the worlds biggest hockey scene.

Today Rasmus is focused on running two professional football clubs. He is the Chairman of FC Midtjylland who qualified for Champions League this season, and the Director of Football at Brentford FC who just promoted to the Premier League. Both clubs are recognized for their innovative use of data and analytics to gain a competitive edge. 



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