Retro Reverse and The Bruins Limitless Possibilities

Over the past week we have been hearing more and more about the NHL rolling out a new 4th jersey program; retro reverse as it is being called. The first leaks came from an eBay seller that posted a jersey for the Pittsburg Penguins and the Philadelphia Flyers; both being new takes on old classics.

The Penguins retro reverse jersey and the “Snoop Dogg” jersey it is inspired by.
The Flyers retro reversed jersey inspired by the teams long standing home jerseys

Reports are saying that the NHL will be having all 31 NHL teams participating in this new initiative. No surprise that the league would want to roll out all new jerseys with a shortened season and the possibility of still not having fans in attendance. There is a lot of lost revenue there and having new jerseys to sell could help bring some money in for the NHL. So, we’ve seen what Pittsburg and Philadelphia are doing and there have been sporadic reports for what Anaheim, Vegas, and Washington will be wearing. What could the Bruins roll out as a part of this new initiative? With the history of the Bruins and the many looks they have sported over the years; the possibilities are almost endless. So what I did is I came up with a few different, more feasible, choices for Boston to wear come the start of this new season.

The least likely of these options is an inverse of the teams white jersey from the ’50’s up through the early ’70’s. This is very close to what we have today as our away uniform; so I can’t really seeing it selling very well. I think people would prefer either the original throwback or the current jersey.

Another possibility is to invert the teams original brown jersey. This is another one of the more unlikely choices; as it would be such an eyesore to look at.

The Bruins could also do an inversion of the “crack bear” home jersey from the ’70’s and ’80’s. This is the first concept that I could see actually selling. It is fondly remembered by older Boston fans and fans that like throwbacks would also be in favor of this take on a classic. The one thing that keeps it from being a doorbuster is the use of yellow as a main color. We’ve seen from the Golden Knights press release of their third uniform that people do not like mainly gold jerseys.

I could also see an inverse of the teams ’90’s jersey happening. It is not as fondly remembered as some previous uniforms, but is now starting to gain some fondness now that it’s been out of rotation for over a decade. It also helps that there is a bit more black and white in this design to break up the yellow.

This is one of my heavy favorites for the Bruins retro reverse as it is staying in with the recent patterns we’ve seen with Boston jerseys. A take on the uniforms from the ’30’s and ’40’s and similar to the teams most recent Winter Classic look. The main difference is the swapping of gold and black. This also looks even more like a white version of the teams current third jersey; so I think it would be a very easy fit.

A close second would be to inverse the teams current third jersey. Another throwback to the ’40’s and ’50’s; inverting that look would give a unique style that would also fit in with the uniforms already in rotation.

Now if it were up to me; this would be my choice for the retro reverse jersey. It’s not; so this will probably not be what we end up seeing. A reverse of the “Pooh Bear” third jersey from the ’90’s would be spectacular. Swapping the main color from yellow to black looks amazing. I would kill to see a jersey like this. They could also go with a white reverse of the original. Both look amazing in my opinion. Unfortunately, I don’t see “Pooh Bear” ever making a return.

If you have another idea or concept for the Bruins reverse retro jersey drop it in the comments or you can hit me up on social media.


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