Reverse Retro: Hit or Miss?

So it’s finally here. The NHL has released the Retro Reverse jerseys and some of them are absolutely amazing and some of them are not so great; looking at you Rangers. So how did the Florida Panthers fare? Well we did pretty good. They’re not amazing like Carolina’s or LA’s jerseys, but we did good.

Courtesy of Twitter

The jersey is based on the look that the Panthers wore in 1996; the year they went to the Stanley Cup playoffs. The red and navy have swapped places as well as the white and yellow; which is now the current gold instead. While it looks nice; it could’ve been better. I would’ve preferred a red or white jersey with the striping moved around. I can’t complain too much because it does still look really nice. I will definitely be picking one up and cannot wait to see it on the ice in January. It could be worse we could have ended up with something like St. Louis.

How do you feel about the Reverse Retro jersey? Leave a comment and let me know.

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