Sabres Misery Rolls On

UNIONDALE, NY - MARCH 06: Buffalo Sabres Left Wing Jeff Skinner (53) pulls down New York Islanders Defenseman Scott Mayfield (24) during the second period of the National Hockey League game between the Buffalo Sabres and the New York Islanders on March 6, 2021, at the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Uniondale, NY. (Photo by Gregory Fisher/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

What else is there to really say about what’s happening in Buffalo? After being trounced by the Islanders on Saturday afternoon that makes it six straight losses and seven losses in their last eight. Something has to give soon in Western New York, this dumpster fire can not be allowed to continue to roll on.

But what exactly should be done?

Well the inevitable answer would be to fire Ralph Krueger, which let’s be honest with ourselves here, would it really even fix anything? Would it give the Sabres any kind of jolt? I could go into a long winded answer but the answer really is quite simple, no.

The old adage is that it’s easier to remove one coach than it is 20 players but the problem here is that Buffalo has gone through so many coaches recently already. Since the organization let go of Lindy Ruff in 2013, there has been five different bench bosses in Buffalo. Another head coach firing would resonate as New York Jets levels of ineptitude of being able to find a capable head coach.

Don’t get me wrong here, this entire mess isn’t just at the feet of Ralph Kreuger or even newly named General Manager, Kevyn Adams. The ineptitude we’re witnessing in Buffalo started long before both men even arrived on the scene. The biggest culprits for the Sabres prolonged failures start way at the top with the Pegula’s. If they should have learned anything from their most recent run with the Buffalo Bills is to hire capable people to run their sports operations and just get the hell out of the way. They did it with the Bills and Buffalo found themselves a game away from the Super Bowl.

How can you get it right with one team and then fail so miserably with another?

Everything that is wrong with the Sabres starts right at the top and unfortunately for Sabres fans the trickle down effect has seemed to poison the well for the players. While there are some promising pieces like Jack Eichel, Sam Reihnhart, Rasmus Dahlin, Victor Olofsso and Dylan Cozens, there’s an ominous black cloud still hovering around the franchise.

There’s rumors abound that Eichel wants out and if you have to trade the cornerstone of your franchise, how do you sell that to such a diehard rabid fanbase? You can’t.

As much as Sabres fans don’t want to hear it the only way to try and salvage this mess is to strip this thing down as much as you can and start all over again. Everything they’ve tried to this point has failed miserably and there really is no other logical way to try and turn this around. Yes, you can absolutely fire the coach and general manager yet again but as we’ve seen before that hasn’t worked. The only thing left is to start removing players from the equation and hope that fans can still remain patient.

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