The Chicago Blackhawks Need to Make Meaningful Change

CHICAGO - JUNE 27: Chicago Blackhawks logo, on the side of the United Center, in Chicago, Illinois on JUNE 27, 2013. (Photo By Raymond Boyd/Getty Images)

When it comes to the Chicago Blackhawks, what’s it going to be? Are we rebuilding, or are we going to make a push for the playoffs?

As of right now, the team isn’t playing well. We are pointing fingers (mostly at the head coach) and wondering when things will get better. 1 win doesn’t necessarily mean “we’re back”.

Time for A Change

Personally, I’d like a head coach change. Its’s going on Jeremy Colliton’s 4th season, and it’s not working. It’s the same story it has been for the past 3 years. A Horrible defense, always getting caught in their own end, and leaving our goalies out to dry. Our goalies last year took a barrage of shots, night in and night out. How can you expect to win games when you’re being out shot 50-30? You can’t, and more of the same is happening this year.

With the talent the team has, they can turn it around. It needs support from the top down. That means having a GM who can see what isn’t working, make a change, and set the team up for success.

Front Office

As everyone has heard by now, the front office has been completely removed, and rightfully so. What happened with Kyle Beach was a failure in leadership from the top down. They are still settling things with Kyle, and I hope it works out in Kyles favor.

That being said, this is an opportunity for the ownership to make big changes. When John McDonough was fired, they separated his job into 3 parts. CEO, President of Business Operations, and President of Hockey Operations. Jaime Faulkner came in right after John was fired, and took over as President of Business Operations. Danny Wirtz took over as CEO, and the President of Hockey Operations position is now vacant. With the GM position being occupied by Interim GM Kyle Davidson, the Blackhawks have an opportunity here.

The years of cup runs, and the executives that ran the organization at the time are gone. Now is the time to change the culture of the team, and lead it into a new age. With new players and executives it’s a new time in Chicago, but how do the fans feel?

Fan Anger

With what has come to light recently I think it is hard for a lot of fans to root for the team. A lot of us are angry, feel betrayed, and downright disgusted with what had transpired. I’m right there with you. The amount of disappointment that I felt after the investigation findings came out was unbelievable. I didn’t think something like that could happen. Not with this team that prided itself as being a destination for players. To the degree that it let Kyle Beach down, is incalculable, but we need to move forward.

Moving Forward

Before being able to move forward, the organization needs to do right with Kyle Beach. They need to make institutional changes on how these things are reported with checks and balances. Then they need to earn the fans trust back, which will be hard, and come with time.

That being said if you still want to cheer for the team there’s nothing wrong with that. The people responsible are gone, and the team that is out on the ice can use your support. We have a lot of new, young guys on the team, and a lot of them have potential to be great players. I’ll leave my frustration and anger with the people responsible.

*Gratitude and Podcast*

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