The Seattle Kraken Saga Sets Sail On An Epic Journey

An unconventional recap for an unconventional team. The Kraken took on the Vegas Golden Knights in their first game ever. This is the story of that game.


We all know the ins and outs by now of what led us to game number one.  There’s no need for a traditional recap here. There are plenty of pods and plenty of articles out there to do that for us.  I want to tell you a story.  A story of the Seattle Kraken and their first game. 

97 years was all it took for Seattle to send a professional hockey team back to the ice.  And they did it with style. 

Their pristine white away jerseys, with the different tones of blue popping off the blank background and the red eye staring down its opponent, took to the ice vs what days before was the youngest NHL franchise. 

Warm-ups looked fast.  The juice was flowing through these guys and maybe a little too much.  The raucous crowd was raining their cheers from the rafters to ice level, washing over this team and adding to their already overflowing emotions. 

The boys in white took their positions, skates gleaning in the Vegas lights.  As the players glided into position over center ice, the referee slid in unbeknownst to those uninitiated to the game.  Right and left wings jostled for position, encroaching on the centers which normally isn’t allowed… but this is no ordinary game so exceptions were made.  And with the flick of a wrist, the frozen, vulcanized rubber disc, born from cork and wood of the past, slammed to the ice.  Sticks came to like and attacked like warriors as they reached for the puck.  And off they went, the Kraken in possession. 

Three whole minutes the good guys controlled the flow of play.  A near goal by Eberle here and blistering shots by Geekie there.  For three whole minutes, they were a team possessed.  Then, a penalty gave the Kraken their first-ever powerplay and although they didn’t score, they attacked like demons. 

But as a pendulum swing, the Golden Knights took charge and did not relinquish their power for the whole first period.  They forced the Kraken into tight corners and indecisive situations.  The Knights skated like they were on rampaging horses.  All of this led to a gorgeous play by Vegas that resulted in a goal, the first against the Kraken in history, that put them down 1-0. 

As if the gravity of the moment wasn’t enough, you could tell there was some extra apprehension in the Seattle Krew.  If you were to remove their gloves or use xray vision, you would see the white knuckles of players gripping their sticks too tightly.  And then it was 2-0.

Tanev, who always looks like he’s seen a ghost, skated towards Lehner, alone apart from his nerves, deked left then right, and on the trip back to the left, that ghost flipped the puck off his stick right before he took his shot.  And the stick gripping got tighter.

Some say each period is a new game, and that was definitely in the hearts and minds of Seattle as they etched lines in the freshly smoothed ice.  Coming out strong wasn’t enough.  Their last resort, Phillipp Grubauer stood on his head to keep them in the game.  But luck was not on their side as Vegas broke through a brick wall to make it 3-nil. The neutral zone was like a death trap for seattle when it was supposed to be their Eden.   Pucks gravitated towards the Knights and none more than on that goal. 

Tick-tock shot save is how the remaining time of the second period passed.  The Seattle knight in shining goalie gear stood tall and strong like a drawbridge refusing to make way for the attacking side. 

But then something happened.

Most animals have short-term memory that lasts 27 seconds… the Kraken is one of them.  Charging ahead with reckless abandon, Seattle tilted the ice in their favor, peppering Lehner with shot after shot.  Something had to give… and then it did.  Positioning himself in front of the net at the end of a powerplay, the Boston native, Ryan Donato, pivoted like a basketball player boxing out their defender and his stick found a rebound. Lehner should’ve had and jammed it into the yawning goal.  And just like that, you could feel the collective sigh of relief that washed over Kraken fans and teammates everywhere. 

Good things come in bunches, and 69 seconds later, it was 3-2 in a blink and you’ll miss it bing bang boom play.  Then Grubauer took over, again, and gave his team a fighting chance.

The third period came and the tension was rising like the Kraken from the depths.  Back and forth they went.  Shots came from all over the ice… many being saved by steel posts.  All it took was a little poke to get the wheels turning for Geekie as he streaked down the right side, head glancing all around for his mates that never came.  A split-second decision brought his eyes upon Lehner and his arms coiled with tension.  And with the release of that tension, a rocket was fired that must’ve sounded like a bullet to Lehner as it buzzed his tower.  3-3.  Our heroes battled all the way back…. And we all know what happened next.

The team heads to Nashville tonight for an animalistic battle between a prehistoric creature and one of myth and legend from the deep.  Will our heroes come out on top? 

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