theFHN Launches August 7th

August 7th marks the launch date of the Faceoff Hockey Network, a brand new platform dedicated to the sport of hockey. Kicking off the action with Two 4 Roughing, the flagship show of the network brings in a new era that has been in the planning stages for a long time.

During the months of August and September, Two 4 Roughing will be published on Wednesdays with a 10-20 minute overrun show “Two 4 Roughing Overtime” to its free subscribers. Those who want to continue listening to Two 4 Roughing Overtime will be able to join the podcasts Patreon.

Two 4 Roughing launches on the brand new hockey platform theFHN August 7th with free previews of Two 4 Roughing Overtime!

In the coming months, theFHN will be expanding to a variety of different podcasts and media focusing on the NHL, minor leagues, college, juniors and more. Those interested in more information or with interest in joining theFHN are encouraged to contact the team via the contact us page here or via email at:

More on theFHN

theFHN was born from years of dedication and drive by countless individuals to create a passionate and dedicated network for the greatest sport in the world.

In an era where technology is king, the FHN strives to create a dynamic community of hockey partners from the NHL on down through social media, podcasts, and radio.

Simply put, there is no other network dedicated to the bigger picture with aims to bring the hockey community together in one place.

Welcome to the Faceoff Hockey Network


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