TheFHN Presents – The Playoffs are Here!

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**correction: Article incorrectly listed Shawn & Eric with the Penguins being swept - corrected to Penguins sweeping the series**

The Stanley Cup Playoffs are here as we get underway with game 1 between the New York Rangers and the Carolina Hurricanes.

TheFHN brings you a special “TheFHN Presents” podcast wrapping up the exhibition games with our thoughts on the play of the teams and presenting our team’s picks for the qualifying round.

You can listen to the special below as well as check out our picks from each member of TheFHN team

First up it’s the Eastern Conference

The team is not showing much love to the Canadiens in the qualifiers as only Nick from 15 on Broadway has them advancing past the Penguins. Both Eric and Shawn have the Penguins sweeping the series (our only sweeps in the Eastern Conference)

There is also not much love for the Carolina Hurricanes (shocker….) as only Aileyahu from Sunshine State Hockey have them advancing past the Rangers. The Rangers have a seemingly impossible decision in goal (we won’t know if it’s Igor or Henrik until pre-game likely) meanwhile the Hurricanes have the injury bug to contend with.

The Panthers are likely the worst pick in this round and might leave both Nick and Chris hanging like bagholders with terrible stock picks. The Islanders and Barry Trotz’s system can choke out offense (albeit they cannot score) and with the Panthers defensive and goaltending woes, this could be an ugly series all around.

The one series we split on here is the Maples Leafs vs. Blue Jackets. While we all agree this one is going the distance, we are split 50/50 on who is taking this series. Will it be another repeat upset and disastrous playoff performance? This series has all the makings for a little bit of deja vu with a different team in blue.

Finally the Western Conference has us seeing some more sweeps and not much love for two teams on this side of the bracket.

First up, The Oilers “should” run over the Blackhawks and the general consensus among our group is that they will. All of us peg Edmonton to move on with both Chris and Nick picking sweeps.

This series may end up being another bagholder for the Coyotes picks. The Predators are only getting love from Shawn and Eric but if the Coyotes show up like they did the majority of the time post Taylor Hall trade and like Thursday night against the Golden Knights – look out.

The Canucks vs. Wild series may be the closest one of this side of the bracket simply because the Wild will not die. This team, similar to the Blue Jackets should not be anywhere near the postseason (regular or COVID) yet here we are. The Canucks have much more talent but the Wild have experience and the will not quit mentality. This series is almost evenly split amongst our team.

Last but not least, the Flames vs. Jets. Similar to the Oilers, the Jets are getting all the love from us. Not only did we all pick the Jets to take this one, but we are all also in on the series only going 4 games. This one could be ugly for the Flames as they have a big problem in goal while the Jets have firepower and the “should be” Vezina winner in Connor Hellebuyck in net.

What do you think of TheFHN team picks? Agree, disagree, think we are nuts or right on track? Leave your comments below or take a shot at us on any of our social media accounts!

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