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Let’s not kid ourselves, This Detroit team has been bad this season. A powerplay streak of 40 opportunities and not scoring, Larkin and Bertuzzi injuries, regression of Anthony Mantha are just a couple of things the team has dealt with this season. I wanted to try to focus on some of the positives with this team, but to be frank, there is not much to find. This team’s biggest highlight of this season might not be on a score sheet or box score, but with moves made at the trade deadline by General Manager Steve Yzerman. The Red Wings do have some pieces of interest that could draw some more draft picks for Yzerman to use in the upcoming offseason and beyond. In this article we will discuss a few of those players and what they can provide for potential buyers.

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Glendening has played 524 games for the Detroit Red Wings getting his first shot back in 2013. Luke has never been known to be a scorer of any kind, but he does bring one tool that teams are always looking to add, faceoffs. Glendening has been in the top tier of all NHL centers when it comes to FOW% (Faceoff Win Percentage) with 67.7%. Luke has been above 50% in all seasons but one in his career, but this year he has jolted himself to the very top. Glendening leads the league in FOW%, above other great centermen like Bergeron and Giroux. He also has been having a ok year from an offensive standpoint. He has 7 points thus far on the season and has been finding the scoresheet more recently due to the play of Evgeny Svechnikov who is often paired with him on the 3rd or 4th line. The last reason Glendening is a great candidate to be dealt at the deadline is his contract. A contract that appears to not be getting renewed at the end of the season with Yzerman trying to find ice time for more of the young prospects. There are a lot of teams out there that could always use another cheap top tier faceoff guy as we get closer to the postseason.

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Marc Staal was acquired by the Red Wings over this most recent off-season from the New York Rangers. A deal in which the Wings essentially took on the last year of his overpaid contract at 5.7 million in return for a second round pick in the upcoming draft. Staal has been a bright spot on the D-line for Detroit, as he is hovering around -5 (+/-). I know that does not seem great, but for a team that only has five players above 0 (+/-) or better it is noticeable. Staal also logs around 18 minutes a game, 4th most of the defensemen. A veteran D-man is something all teams are looking for as we get closer to the postseason. Staal has played a total of 918 games in his long 14 year career. He has also been helping a Detroit team offensively, who has struggled to score goals. He has added two thus far in 26 games from his blue line position. Staal’s career high in goals in a season came back in ‘09-’10 with the Rangers when he scored 8 in 82 games. I would expect Stevie Y to try to shop the veteran defenseman for a later round pick before April 12th.

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This is a player I personally hope the Wings keep, however there is a market for Ryan’s type of play. I know you never want to trade away your leader scorer but chances are Bobby will get the highest return if Steve Yzerman decides to send him out of town. Bobby Ryan has proved he can still be a great playmaker in this league with his creativity and tremendous knowledge of the game. Ryan has carried the top line as well as the top power play line for the Wings in recent games with both Larkin and Bertuzzi out of the lineup. He leads the team with 13 points and is tied for the team lead in goals with 6. Ryan signed a one year deal worth one million dollars over the last offseason, so he has no long term commitments to Detroit. Bobby has however become a fan favorite and was motivated to come to Detroit by the presence of Steve Yzerman. At age 33, Ryan may only have a few more productive years left in his NHL career and it’s tough to say he would like to spend them with a rebuild project like Detroit. Only time will tell what Yzerman decides to do with these trade prospects but from a fans perspective I hope whatever he does creates more ice time for guys like Svechnikov, Brome, and Givani Smith. It appears there is an army of SHL players that will be the future of the Wings and more draft picks always increase the chances of finding more young talent.

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