What is new is old – Winnipeg Jets Addition

On Monday, November 29, the Winnipeg Jets lost to the Arizona Coyotes. A number of things are terrible with that declaration. Let me recapitulate:

1) The Coyotes currently have the worst uniforms in the NHL. Not particularly relevant, but a must needed observation.

2) A maximum cap team (Jets) built specifically for a Stanley Cup run, lost to a team with Andrew Ladd as one of its key players.

3) Phil Kessel (also on the Coyotes) looks like he ate Phil Kessel.

Existential sports disappointment usually follows (or predates) unrealistic expectations. In this case, I can thank the “Hockeywriters” for salvation. Please read this article:

Everything in it, I have said or believe heavily. Please see the following:

The Winnipeg Jets are underperforming because their coach (Paul Maurice) is underperforming, and has been for years. No quips or obscure references here…Maurice needs to go. Until that happens – we are a middling NHL team.


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